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Hi, I'm Gav. I wasn't sure whether to write an about me, but I figured I should because I think it's good to get an idea of who I am.

Shooting for about 14 year. Weddings, the odd portrait, the NFL London games at Wembley and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and....... my true love...... street photography. The most accessible. The one I can do at the drop of a hat. At 10am. At 6pm. At midnight. The one I can do anywhere. The one that gets me out the house when I'm bored. The one that leads to random meetings with boxing announcers.


So, I like to think of myself as refreshingly honest when it comes to my photography. Some days I go out and come home with nothing that excites me. I'm a human. Some days it just doesn't happen. But that doesn't stop me constantly looking for a great shot! Accepting the bad days is part of life. 

And when I get in a rut, I try something else. I message a friend and ask if they want to go out shooting. Or I message a contact and ask if they want a portrait. Below is a photo of a guy I recently met, Philip. He's a personal trainer/budding actor/podcast guy. We met for a coffee, had a good chat about a range of subjects and then, on the walk back to his car I asked him to sit in a bus shelter. I took 3 photos. Here's 2 of them. Shot on the Leica Q.

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